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Join us for one of our unique tours off the beaten path of New Orleans
Black Heritage & Jazz Tour

Congo Square, Armstrong Park, Treme' the First African American neighborhood in the United States.

Come meet the sweet people  on Bayou Road.

Get the real insight about Voodoo and Creole Culture, The Freedom Fighters and MUCH MUCH MORE......

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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Swamp & Whitney Plantation Combo Tour

Sundays only!

The swamps of Louisiana are fascinating and very dangerous all at the same time. 

Time stands still in the swamps and for those who are interested in the Story of Slavery, in the deep south, should visit a Swamp! Therefore we created this combo of Swamp & Whitney Plantation.


The swamps of Louisiana were a cornerstone in the "successful" enslavement of millions of Africans and their descendants.

Singing is praying Sundays Walking Tour 


This sacred Sunday walking tour will shake your soul and wake your mind. Our 5-star rated tour guide does not hold back when it comes to the truth about Black heritage, history and culture.  

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