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With integrity and honesty (and singing) we offer The Black Heritage & Jazz Tour of New Orleans 5 days a week twice a day. To inspire heal motivate educate and entertain all our visitors with the opportunity to learn the importance of resistance resilience and a spiritual life, honoring the past understanding the present, so we can shape the future.



Giving back to the community, placing the money and narrative with the people and the cultures who build this Nation.

We're "All Bout Dat- Jazz, All Bout Dat- Truth & All Bout Dat - Black owned Businesses" We're located in WHO DAT NATION of New Orleans, Louisiana.


In 2013 Mikhala Iversen Afropean (African American/ Danish origin), founded All Bout Dat Tours LLC.

Mikhala decided to create what she could not find: An African American tour of Black life in New Orleans Louisiana.

"Slavery in Louisiana really wasn't that bad!" 

This is the narrative I was told when I took City tours of New Orleans and even on some of the Sugar Cane Plantations, they would sugar coat the biggest atrocity of our time: African slave trade, Cattle slavery- sharecropping and the Jim crow era.

" I was so desperate for the truth I found: the elders of Treme', Freedom Riders, black media journalist and radio personalities, Revolutionaries, Story tellers, Civil rights leaders, Spiritual voodoo Priestesses, Black Indian Big Chief, Baby Dolls, master educators and activist. I sat at their feet listening taking notes and learning everything I could about Black life In New Orleans”, says Mikhala Iversen licensed Tour guide, creator and founder.


Passion for the culture, deep respect for the neighborhoods, and giving back to the communities, is who we are, the goal is to authentically represent Black history and the treasures of the birth of African American music -Jazz.


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