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The Sacred Libation Tour

The purpose of this spiritual Tour is to honor our ancestors.Healing and dealing with the old wounds of slavery, Jim Crow and basically all pain of the African American experience up until the Civil Rights period. 

We do Libations (offerings) at Congo Square ( Birthplace of Jazz). So bring coins, flowers, fruit, incense,Gin,Rum,candles or any other item your ancestors will like...

The Black Pearl ( our 1st. class Bus) will take us to the The tomb of the unknown Slave's grave. Located in the Treme, the oldest African american neighborhood in the US. at St. Augustine's Church. First Catholic church for people of African descent, Free and enslaved! 


After, we head to the heart of New Orleans, The French Quarter. We visit the locations of the biggest slave markets in the in the Nation! There we will have some minutes of silence.

Stopping at Hidden slave pens on Esplanade Ave. on our way to the musicians villag

(This can be an emotional experience, so come braced and brave, just like they came...)


At musicians village Priestess Sula, will be awaiting us at her Shrine. There we will get cleanse us of the heavy load, we come with. Sistah Sula will talk about the original african religions aka Voodoo. ( please don't be scared, that's all pre programmed fears!) 

There will be Q&A while we serve y'all a comforting plate of vegetarian red beans n rice with a cup of Tea hot or cold and water. 

Tour Time: 2 pm Saturdays Only!

Duration 2.5 hours.   

Price $85 per adult. 

(We do have a minimum of 6 people, to run this tour, so please make your reservations ahead of time!) 

Hotel pickup available no extra charge. 

The Temple of Light…Ile de (House of) Coin-Coin is a Shrine of Power located in the Musician’s Village in New Orleans, LA.  This Temple or Shrine is for the elevation of souls, the cleansing of ones road and connecting you to the Mother & Father of Creation, the Ancestors and your Divine Destiny.

Priestess Nana Sula Spirit

I, Priestess Nana Sula Spirit, was initiated in Ghana, West Africa in 2007 and has been immersed in Traditional African Religions and Native American Traditions for the past thirty (30) years. The Temple of Light…Ile de Coin-Coin was built in honor of my Great Great Grandmother Marie Therese Coin-Coin who was born in 1742 in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana.  She was of Ewe - West African lineage - and my entire spiritual journey has been in reverence to the medicine and memory of her legacy.  “I lived as her then….and I live as her now”.   

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