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Big Chief David Montana Washita Nation
Sabrina H.

"I have learned so much about my Black Heritage in NO that I don't even come there to party anymore I love all the knowledge I have learned since I have met you I thank God for bringing you into my life and I love sharing you with our people you are Heaven Sent continue to use your gifts Mikhala you are truly a blessing..."

Linda Parker

"I enjoyed the tour to the extent that I wanted to know more. I began to read the history of Louisiana and of my forefathers. I would recommend this tour to many and also as gifts to preadolescents and teenagers. Knowledge is power! Freedom is golden!!  (Can’t stop talking about it)"

Big ChIef David Montana

"Your tour was very interesting and good. I enjoyed every thing and all about that tour. Keep up the good work I especially enjoyed the truth for a change in this city! Very unique!" 

Lisa M.

"The tour was informative, factual, entertaining! I enjoyed it and highly recommend attending." 

Dr. Tammy Lewis Wilborn

"I did this tour today and it was phenomenal! The truth is hard to hear. It's painful but the pain is intricately linked to the healing. Thank you my Afropean sistah for doing this. I will definitely be back and tell others about it! Much love!"

Mrs. Netanya Hart

"What a fantastic tour!  I have never been on a tour quite like this.  It really gives a human perspective to a sometime difficult story to tell from all angles.  Mikhala does a fantastic job of giving historical, architectural, music, and love.  Everyone needs to take this tour!  I am inspired to learn more and I feel more connected to our history.  This tour is more than a series of places, spaces, and facts; it is a story of human dynamics and relationships.  I feel inspired and uplifted...I definitely recommend the tour!" 


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